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M. Resplendent (Michael Lenzi) : vocals, guitar, sampler, drums
Olias Nil (Seth Kim-Cohen) : guitar, electric piano, percussion, bass, vocals
John (Pyx) Klos : bass (appears on Above the Volcano of Flowers and Saint The Fire Show)
Eric (ES) Roth : drums, string and horn arrangements (appears on all 3 albums)
Bob Bihlman: drums (appears on Above the Volcano of Flowers)
Brian (Crian) Lubinsky : bass (appears on the first album, The Fire Show)

also on occasional recordings:
Tim Rutili, Brian Deck, Ben Masserella, Joe Adamik, Drew Morgan,
Arnie Roth, Jeb Bishop, Aliana Kalaba, Brett Dietz


The House The Fire Show Unbuilt (1999)
Justify Your Existence (2001, The Onion)
The Fire Show Wore Jump Suits
(a response to our expulsion from the 2001 Taste of Chicago)
The Fire Show Tour Diary
(final tour, Summer 2002)

Los Angeles Weekly (2002)
Pitchfork Top 50 Albums (2002)
Pitchfork Review of Saint The Fire Show (2002)
Chicago Sun-Times (2002)

cokemachineglow Top 100 Albums of the 2000s #94 (2010)
Fast'n'Bulbous Review of Saint The Fire Show (2002)

Fire Show Listening Party (2007)
From listener Mike Gintz: "A while ago I posted pretty regularly on a messageboard and we got in the habit of doing "listening parties" every Friday, where one person would host it by picking an album and uploading it, and then whoever wanted to participate would all download it, press play at the same time, and listen together at the same time, in our various locations, typing to each other about what we were hearing. I found a lot of great stuff that way (John Cale, The Associates, etc) and I decided to bring the first Fire Show record to some people I knew would pay attention to it. It worked, and a few folks got into it, listened further, and ended up picking up a CD or two. Here's the thread in case you wanted to have a look and see what some complete strangers thought as they heard your music for the first time."